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The average car buyer spends anywhere from six months to a year researching the kind of automobile they want to buy, and will only visit 1.2 dealerships before making a purchase.

Many car dealers rely on third-party leads and classified sites which have average closing rates of 4-7%. First-generation leads, however, have average conversion rates of 25-40%. Those are incredibly telling stats, and ones that can be worrisome for dealerships.

Mary Beck was incredibly surprised to find out those numbers when she began researching the online car buying process. Beck had almost 20 years of experience in digital marketing, but she didn’t know much about dealerships and the vehicle buying process. The reason Mary was looking into this data? Two longtime friends, Ron Horner and Jane Clark, had asked for her help.

Ron and Jane had been in the auto industry for years, mostly in sales. They had an idea to provide a directory for their respective dealerships as well as others so that both buyers and dealers had an easy way to connect. Mary’s data made them realize that they could provide an invaluable service to consumers. The three of them worked for years building up their website and directory, and three years ago Auto Dealership Directory was born.

Their website helps customers find the automobile they’re looking for with an intuitive interface and in a stress-free environment, and there are no financial forms to fill out or contact information to enter.

Car dealers benefit because they do not have to rely on unreliable third-party leads. When dealers put their store info in our database, they can have direct interaction with customers and see their sales increase. Our website also helps stores to improve their digital visibility and ranking on search engines.

It is a win-win for both customers and dealers alike! Check us out, and see what we can do for you.

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